Mark your calendar July 20 - 23, 2022 and register to join Mary Osborne, Joan Unterschuetz, and Dr. Lee Ann Brady at Alderbrook Resort. Leadership and Legacy is designed for dentists and non dentists; for partners, spouses, colleagues and team members who want to bring the best of who they are to the challenge of generative leadership.

As usual we will again encourage lively conversation focused on possibilities rather than problems. We will courageously ask the significant questions about how we are influenced and how we influence others.

We will focus on leadership as an expression of your character and commitment. Explore the edges of leadership, deepen your understanding, and refine your skills. We will stimulate your thinking, expand your creativity, and encourage you to bring your unique voice forward into the world.

If you aspire to influence your patients, your team, your family and/or your community with creativity and purpose, please join us for this annual event.

Health. Mindfulness and Humanity:
Principled and Powerful Leadership

Spark Excitement

Focus on possibilities rather than problems.

Get Answers

Courageously ask the significant questions about how we are influenced and how we influence others.

Leave Your Legacy

Focus on leadership as an expression of character and commitment.

  • "Leadership and Legacy continues to change my life for the better. Mary Osborne and Joan Unterschuetz, you rock my world!!"

  • "It’s the privilege of my life to be at Leadership and Legacy. My gratitude is greater than can be expressed."

  • "Transformative… as always."

  • "Alderbrook is the perfect setting for this retreat. With the deep discussions taking place every day it was needed to have the afternoon to re-fresh and let it all soak in."

  • "New insights, new friends, old friends, and the BEST facilitators are sending a better version of me home, fired up, and ready to give more and better."

  • "A gift to me and to dentistry!"

  • "These workshops are constantly evolving and as a result I get to experience new ways of looking at individual development as well as group process."

  • "Thank you so much for providing a great environment for learning this hard stuff. I love this community of people who care so much about their work and its influence on the world."

  • "Mary and Joan create a great space for conversation to flow from the inspiring to the uncomfortable and everything in between. I was a little nervous going in but am thrilled I went."

Manifest your preferred future

It has more to do with standards and principles than strategies and tactics.

Highly effective work groups

It has more to do with doing the right thing than doing things right.

Foster trust and collaboration

It has more to do with changing yourself than with managing change.

Create a support network

Share meaningful conversations with a small group of people choosing to live a life of significance.

Join us for Leadership & Legacy 2022

If you are willing to look inward at the character qualities you offer, and at the dreams that shape your work, this retreat is for you. For all you do for others, we hope you will give yourself this gift of time and attention to reflect on your growth and to envision what is possible for your future.

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