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Leadership is a conversation which supports mutual growth and learning with a bias toward action.

The Leadership & Legacy retreat is more challenging, more complex, and more rewarding than reading traditional books and articles. This retreat is designed to help you develop skills to create long term, sustainable, positive change in your organization; not a quick fix that fades with time.

Each year we suggest books which have informed our thinking and which support the major themes of the year’s retreat.

2023 Recommended Reading

These books are not manditory reading but they will help you understand the concepts presented in a deeper way.

Previous Leadership & Legacy Book Lists

We continue to share our past years book lists because we still find these books incredibly insightful and enlightening. They’ve not only shaped our own learning, but they continue to shape the workshops we present.

2022 Recommended Reading

2020 Recommended Reading

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2018 Recommended Reading

2017 Recommended Reading

This year, the main book is Outward Mindset by The Arbinger Institute. This forward looking book helps us reframe our thinking about the role of the leader: “Although leaders should provide a mission or context and point toward what is possible, what humble, good leaders also do is to help people see. When people see they are able to exercise all their human agency and initiative.

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