Skills to Develop at Inspired Facilitation

Reset Old Patterns

Deepen your self awareness and change old patterns of judgement and defensive responses.

Create Trust

Explore the attitudes and converstaions that increase trust and encourage others to strive toward that which is possible.

Listen to Learn

Practice the are art of staying in a difficult conversation. Strengthen your listening and question asking skills to create a learning dialogue.

Influence with Integrity

Engage in the practice of telling your story, learning how to choose to live an undivided life.

Step Toward Vulnerability

Discover the courage that emerges as we dare to embrace vulnerability rather than living in emotional numbness.

Discover Root Causes

Deepen your understanding of how and why your emotional energy follows your emotional focus.

  • Continued Development

    “Anytime Joan is facilitating a program I will find a way to participate. Her workshops are constantly evolving and as a result I get to experience new ways of looking at individual development as well as group process, and the best part is there is never a dull moment when Joan is around!”

  • Personal Success

    “Joan's creativity and wisdom come together to provide some of the best learning I have ever been involved in.”

  • Positive Impact

    “When I think about the people that have had the most positive impact on my life, Joan is certainly at the top of my list.”

Why Facilitation is so Powerful

Facilitation is about embracing difficult communication and organizational opportunities without blaming ourselves or others.

Facilitation is about accurately observing the present reality and focusing on the future as we design and implement system changes.

Facilitation acknowledges that the core intention of a person influences their ability to communicate effectively.

Hosts of Inspired Facilitation Workshop

Joan Unterschuetz

Owner: Continuums Consulting

Denny Byrne, DDS

Partner: Ward, Byrne, Conklin Dental Group

Join us October 22nd-24th, 2015.

We sold out last year and there has been significant interest already for this year's workshop so please make sure to register early.

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